Scott Morgan

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Scott was born on 12/5/1976. During High School Scott played in several alternative rock bands including Tupperware Jesus and Fug. Scott next project was Ploodoh a band formed by Ben, Blake and Chris while drinking beer at Gabe's Oasis. Ploodoh started in 1996 and remained alive until 1998. Scott also played in several bands while in Iowa City including Flesh (Independent Art Rock) and Sweet Jimmy (A Blues Band) . After Ploodoh Scott started working on the Argon Evolution's first album Damascus as a solo project.

Scott spent much of his stay in Iowa City studying electronic composition at the Electronic Music Studios under Lawrence Fritts. Scott's musical studies also included instruction in Jazz improvisation and theory under John Rapson , audio recording and engineering under Lowel Cross and percussion under James Romig and Tom Davis.

In the fall of 2000 Scott performed 124 Milton St. Extract by Zachary Seldess. This piece for multiple drummers, marimba, crystals and white noise is very intriguing because of it's experimentation with thresholds of auditory perception.

Early in 2002 Scott finished the Argon-Evolution's second album Human , a documentation of the Argon-Evolution's new live material. Scott is currently living in Chicago working on the Argon-Evolution's third record. In September of 2001 scott joined Star Period Star (*.*) with Dan Sweigert and Alex Perkolup. While Scott was with Star Period Star it played one gig at Martyrs'.

In Fall of 2005 Scott studied with Indian musical theory with Vinod Kumar Rameshwarapu a master of Mridangam, Ghatam, Pakhawaj, Kanjeera and Tabla.

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